How to get kids to tell the truth!

It is normal for kids to starting telling fibs from around the age of two. But how can you encourage them to tell the truth? Threats of punishment (“you had better tell me the truth or you will be in trouble”), or appealing to the child to “do the right thing”, are apparently not that effective.

This study examined effective ways to encourage children to tell the truth. Three hundred and seventy four, 4-8 year old children, were involved in a study where they were left alone in a video monitored room and told not to look at a certain toy. When the experimenter returned they were asked if they looked at the toy. 67.5% of children had looked at the toy, but only 62.5% admitted it! Older children were much less likely to peek.

Read on to find out how the experimenters were best able to influence children to tell the truth.

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